Plastic Mesh

Gasatex Plastic Mesh is a mesh made of plastic, specially designed for installation of fenced poultry farms, fenced perimeters and dividing grilles. It is manufactured from high density polyethylene. That makes it a cheap, durable, strong, easy to install, and UV-resistant product. Colour Black y Green.

Product Applications:

  • To fence Poultry and Animal breeding at farms.
  • To build sheds (mesh goes under building to avoid fissures and cracks on concrete).
  • For Aquaculture (it allows separate shrimps and fishes from water inside pools).
  • For construction (it replaces metal gabion by a plastic one, which is more durable and cheaper).
  • To protect Air Conditioning equipments.
  • For balconies (to avoid the falling of objects).
  • Separation of autoparts and every type of metallic element.)

Product Advantages:

  • It replaces wire mesh.
  • It does not rust, it is strong and light. It is not toxic or corrosive.
  • It is hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It is easy to install. It can be simply cut with common scissors. It is set with a plastic security wire seal.
  • It is cheap, plastic, and durable.

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